Mr. Nicholas Kythreotis offered support and guidance to my son Stefanos, so that he could make the right choices with respect to his studies in the UK. The information and advice Nicholas gave us was accurate, realistic and aided my son to discover what he really enjoyed and wanted to study. The excellent knowledge and qualifications of Nicholas and the high level of professionalism in his handling of our affairs helped us to make the necessary timely decisions on the choice of the university Stefanos would study at, as well as his accommodation there.

I strongly recommend Acadia Educational Services to parents for their children.

Dr. Kristia Ioannou, Aretaio Hospital, Nicosia

When it came to the future of our children there was only room for professionalism, integrity and responsibility. That was why we, as their parents, chose Acadia Educational Services after recommendations from others. Mr. Nicholas Kythreotis personally guided and advised us and by doing so, enabled us to make the most suitable choices for the university education of our son and daughter who are studying for a BSc Business Management and BSc Mathematics at Portsmouth University. We would strongly recommend Acadia Educational Services and Mr. Nicholas Kythreotis to other parents for the guidance and advice for their children’s university studies.

We would like to give them a great big thank you!

Argyris & Dora Efstathiades, parents

I have managed to gain acceptance at Kent University to study LLB Law despite the fact that I do not have any A-Levels. This was due to the abilities of Acadia Educational Services and in particular those of Mr. Nicholas Kythreotis who managed to secure me a place at Kent University based solely on my Apolyterion. The staff at their office were very polite, professional and helpful right from the beginning and guided me all the way until the completion of all the formalities which included my accommodation and tuition fee loan.

I would like to thank them for everything they have done and for the very personal nature of their assistance.

I can say that I very strongly recommend them to all those concerned about their future studies.

Maria Panagiotou, LLB Law student University of Kent 2014