• EU undergraduate students wanting to study in the UK can cover the total cost of their tuition fees with a loan from Student Finance England.
  • EU postgraduate students wanting to study anywhere in the EU will be able to apply for a loan of Euro12.000 – Euro18.000 from the year 2015 (subject to approval)
  • Students wanting to study in the USA can apply for Financial Aid to cover the cost of their tuition fees.


  • Annual grant available from Cyprus for all students in further education of between Euro1700 – Euro3.400.
  • Grants & bursaries available for EU students studying in the UK of between GBP1.000 and GBP4.000. 


  • Students wanting to go to university can apply for the Cypriot scholarship for excellent students (18.5/20 Apolyterion) from the Cyprus Scholarship Foundation.
  • A number of entry scholarships are available from certain UK universities depending on the students grades.
  • Certain UK universities also offer scholarships based on family income and special circumstances.

For conditions that apply and for further information please contact our offices for an appointment

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